A Proven System For Creating The High Performing Fitness Business You've Always Dreamed Of...

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A Proven System For Creating The High Performing Fitness Business You've Always Dreamed Of...

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Rapidly Accelerate Your Business Growth

Making the transition from personal trainer to business owner is a big journey! After helping thousands of Fitness Business Owners begin building a better business we’ve developed a unique system that allows you to build a high performing fitness business that will accelerate growth.

That’s why we call this program the Accelerator…

…When you commit to the Process, implement the business principles we teach you (more on that later) and actively work with our Success Coaches your business will be on the fast track to success.

There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of the testimonials from your peers, bragging about how many clients they have, hitting big numbers and achieving the levels of success that you desperately want in your business – so what are they doing that you aren’t?

Keep reading to find out…

 This is about more than building a fitness business…

We work with fitness pros that aren’t willing to settle for building any ol’ fitness business.  They want to be THE SOLUTION for their Ideal Clients!

The fitness industry is growing and evolving faster than ever before which means there’s more competition, people out there trying to steal your clients, but they’re not as good as you.

Our mission is to help the high level trainers, the one’s making a real difference in their communities build high performing businesses!

In an industry that’s saturated with ‘options’ you NEED to stand out as the BEST SOLUTION!

Enter the Accelerator Coaching Program…

Armed with all the lessons learned from working with thousands of fitness businesses over the past 10 years our Accelerator Success Coaches are prepared to help you tackle any problems you might be facing in your business.

We’ve seen it all! Here’s a short list of problems trainers face….

Revenues seem to be increasing in the business but the owner isn’t making any money.

Mental exhaustion and burn out of good business owners and trainers that can’t keep up with everything in their business any longer.

Stiff tax penalties that set a business owner back years, if not crush their business because they didn’t know their numbers, or even what to ask their accountant.

Difficulty finding, training and keeping a good team to help you grow your business.

Retention issues that arise for no apparent reason killing the business bottom line.

Business owners being taken advantage of in their lease and challenges finding the perfect space for your business.

Marketing efforts that just don’t seem to stick, no matter what you try.

And many more…

Our team is here to help! 

These Success Coaches are on a mission to help you build a high performing fitness business.  The Accelerator Coaching Program is your ticket to a better business…

…if you are willing to work for it.

This program has evolved from years of practical, in the trenches experience not only building our own fitness businesses but coaching thousands of others!  We’ve put all this together so that you can apply these strategies in your business and experience incredible growth…

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Introducing the business system that changed it all...

The Fitness Business Alignment System™

5 Alignment Principles + Coaching Process

Most coaching programs or masterminds are simply a boiler room full of fitness pros bouncing ideas off each other to get more leads in the door.   If you’ve ever been apart of one of these programs you know exactly what I’m talking about!

The Accelerator Coaching Program is different…

This is the next evolution of business coaching! 

It’s what other industries and high level coaching groups have been using with amazing results to build great businesses not just ‘get more clients.’

There’s a big difference in building a business and the endless cycle of ‘get more clients’ coaching that many fitness pros experience.

While finding new clients and turning them into raving fans is an important part of any business, it’s only one part of the bigger picture.

To create a high performing business, one that finally allows you to have the impact you’ve dreamed of and make a great living doing what you love, you have to create alignment.

It all starts with knowing where you want to go, setting your long-term vision and then making sure the actions you are taking in the short term are going to help you get there.

That’s where the Fitness Business Alignment System comes into play.  You will implement the 5 Alignment Principles™ into your business using our Fitness Business Alignment System Toolbox and your Virtual Group Coaching Sessions.

What are the 5 Alignment Principles?

Alignment Principle #1: Culture

Culture is made up of two parts – Core Values and People.

Your Core Values are the words you use to define your culture and the people in your business are what will bring your Core Values.  The People are your Customers and your Team.

Alignment Principle #2: Goals and Measurables

One of the most challenging things in business is developing the ability to make decisions that take your long and short-term vision into consideration.  This is where alignment truly comes into play…

Making sure your short-term actions are aligned to help you reach your long-term goals.

We’ve identified a few key pieces of information that will allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of your fitness business.  Instead of ‘thinking you’re doing well’ you’ll know exactly where your business stands week to week and make decisions based off that information.

No more guessing!  You’ll learn to see problems before they get out of hand and create solutions for them.

Alignment Principles #3: Communication

Communicating your business processes and vision is critical to your success.  That also means figuring out how to organize that information simply and in a way that provides clarity.

You’ll start to communicate with your team using common language and have tools to help you document your systems.

Even the most diligent business owners get side tracked, it’s a blessing and curse!  This Alignment Principle will also teach you to stay focused and avoid ‘shiny object’ syndrome.

A successful business owner knows how to keep their priorities inline.

Alignment #4: Systems

Every fitness business has certain processes and systems that are similar. The Fitness Business Alignment System teaches you what those systems are and how to implement them in your business using our tools.

Putting systems in place is just one part of the big equation though.  You have to implement them consistently.  Instead of ‘hoping’ you and your team understand and know your processes you will have a plan to set expectations and hold you (and your team) accountable.

Alignment Principle #5: Strategy

This where you get to figure out what you do, who you do it for and how you’re going to get them.  Think of it as finding your strengths and figuring out how to leverage them.

In addition to Marketing and Sales you will also create a ‘high level’ view of where your business is going and how you will get it there.

How do I work with the Success Coaches?

We could simply give you all the information you need to succeed, but you’re already overwhelmed with running your business day in and day out.

We’ve seen what the effects of that method is…

It’s the equivalent of drinking from a fire hose!  Even the ‘best of the best’ have told us “it’s too much to handle!”

That’s why we’ve compiled a team of top level Success Coaches to provide you guidance and help you find solutions to the issues that are keeping you from having the business of your dreams.

We’ve developed a Coaching Process that we use as our baseline for working with Fitness Business Owners just like you…



There are Three Phases of our Coaching Process:

1. The Onboarding Phase – Month 1


During this Phase of the Accelerator Coaching Program we will make sure you get started on the right foot. It all starts by filling out our Needs  Analysis™ and then meeting 1-1 with a Success Coach to set your first goal and plan to hit that goal.

Our Needs Analysis will show you exactly what you need to be working on to create a high performing business.

During this time you will also be introduced to Campus.  This is where your coaching program resources, courses and the community will be located.

2. The Development Phase – Months 2-6


The Development Phase in our Coaching Process is where you will start to notice big changes happening in your fitness business.

You will use the Group Coaching Sessions, Live Coaching Meetings, and Discussion Group to identify your issues, create solutions and develop a long-term plan for your high performing business

This is the most demanding time in the Accelerator Coaching Program because it creates the foundation for our next Phase of Coaching.

But it’s all worth it when you get to…

3. The Alignment Phase – Months 7-12+


Alignment is where you start to see the magic happen!

Your long term vision and plan have been developed, you’re using the tools in our system business easier and you are starting to see the impact of those changes on your bottom line.

But, the work doesn’t end there…

Now that you’ve taken care of the big issues it’s time to start putting an action plan together to reach your long-term vision.  You’ll begin working to create a Quarterly and Annual Planning cycle so you can do what you do best – build a high performing business.

You can stay in this Alignment Period for years constantly making progress, your time working with us doesn’t have to end here…

The Phases in our Coaching Process aren’t set in stone, each Accelerator Coaching Program member will have individual needs and varying starting points.  This program will allow you to progress as quickly or cautiously as needed to hit your goals.

You may notice that we don’t highlight ‘unlimited coaching calls’ or ‘unlimited email access’ in our program.  It’s just one of the many ways working with us is different for you.

You'll find that you don’t need near as many ‘emergency coaching calls’ as you may have before you started…

Simply attending the Group Coaching Sessions and checking in to the Discussion Groups will help you gain focus, clarity and solve many of your issues.

The goal of the Accelerator Coaching Program is to teach you how to address issues well before you need to ‘put out fires’.  It's perfect for the 'go-getter' that doesn't need to be held accountable every step of the way.

You’ll have the tools and skills to be able to address them yourself and with your team.

Or, better yet!  Those issues simply won’t pop up anymore because you’ve started to create a High Performing Business!

But, when that time comes where you need extra coaching chime in to the Discussions or jump on the next Coaching Session to get some extra help.

"Am I A Good Fit For The Accelerator Coaching Program?"

You’re a good fit for the Accelerator Coaching Program if:

  • You realize it’s time to make the transition from trainer or being self-employed to being a real business owner.
  • You’re willing to make a commitment to developing and implementing systems that will make life easier for you in the long run
  • You’re sick and tired of scrambling to find the next ‘strategy’ or promo trying to outsell your problems
  • You know deep down that you can create your dream business in the industry that you love
  • You’re tired of working split shifts, worrying about how you will pay yourself what you deserve, and willing to put in the work to change it all.
  • You know there’s a better way to build and run your business than what you’ve been doing…

If you answered "YES!" to those statements then the Accelerator Coaching Program is a good fit for you.

Here’s what some of our current Accelerator Coaching Group members have accomplished…

JohnLarkJohn Lark

“It will be best money you invest in your business.”

Tell us a bit about you and your business.

I am John lark, owner of Sphere Fitness based in Ireland.

1) Why did you join the Accelerator Coaching Program?

I joined the program to take my business to the next level under the guidance of trusted professionals.

2) What has the Accelerator Coaching Program helped you accomplish?

Revenue, clients, etc.

Since joining the program we have witnessed a meteoric rise in client numbers by focusing on the basics jumping from 64 to 160 in 12 months. One phone call with my Success Coach will result in an extra 60K to our bottom line by year end. That is some return on our investment!

3) What is the best part about the Accelerator Coaching Program?

Undoubtedly the level of support and accountability. Knowing that your pressing concerns are only a phone call away from being answered by some of the best in the industry.

4) Who would benefit from joining the Accelerator Coaching Program?

This is for businesses who are not looking for the magic bullet but instead know the truth to success is 'turning up' day in day out and keeping the bigger picture in mind. Join it. It will be best money you invest in your business. It will help maintain clarity, determination and a positive attitude.

jon head shotJon Rimmer

“I’ve been up 4 months in a row both in regards to gross revenue and memberships.”

Hello, my name is Jon Rimmer and I’m the owner of The Training Rim in Middletown, NJ.  I’ve been a trainer for over a decade and I’ve had my own facility specializing in semi-private personal training and small group training for just over 5 years.

I joined the Accelerator Coaching Program after successfully using the 52 week mentorship program.  The return on investment from the mentorship program was off the charts, but I felt if I could have more dialed in personal attention specific to me and my business the success would grow exponentially.

I’ve only been a member for four months but in that time I’ve been up 4 months in a row both in regards to gross revenue and memberships.  There’s a possibility that July may be five in a row.  Considering I just recently switched locations (i.e., I have not been able to do ANY marketing or business related tasks as all my time has been spent on the logistics of the move and training) and keeping current members happy through the switch, this would be an amazing statistic.

The best part about the Accelerator Coaching Program is the personal attention and advice you receive specific to your situation.  As someone who has read and tried just about everything in the business I learned that quite often that ideas didn’t work not because they were bad ideas, but because they would be more effective in other businesses.  For example what may work for a facility with large groups/boot camps may not work for me.  What works for me may not be the best option for a facility that primarily trains kids, etc.  Being able to get a coaching call, or send an email, or post something on the group page that will get me a strategy for my facility and situation specifically is priceless.

Anyone who owns a fitness facility that is based on getting your members results would benefit from the Accelerator Coaching Program.  I could be wrong, but as a general rule most of us got into business because we love training and love helping people get more fit and healthy.  So by definition, generating memberships is lower down on our skill totem pole.  The Accelerator Coaching Program affords you the ability to maintain your own vision of training, and generate revenue while doing so.

MattMatthew Green

“I would recommend this program to anyone who strives to build a better fitness business!”

Prior to joining the Accelerator Coaching Program, my business would make money one month and then struggle to pay the bills the next. I had just gotten married and purchased a house so all of this financial uncertainty from month to month was exacting a heavy toll on me. Even though I knew how to run the performance side of a fitness business, I really didn't have a good grasp on how to run the business itself. Even though I had plenty of clients and they all seemed to be happy, I couldn't seem to figure out why I was struggling to pay the bills consistently from month to month.

In order to find some solutions to my problems, I had begun to follow Fitness Business Insider when they announced the Accelerator Coaching Program. I distinctly remember working more sessions than ever before during the previous month and still barely scraping together enough revenue to pay the bills. While I had never really considered hiring a business coach or joining a consulting group, that miserable month told me it was time to figure out how to be a better businessman. The Accelerator Coaching Program sounded like a perfect fit so I decided to apply for it.

My first Accelerator meeting was definitely an experience! Everyone was talking about leads, price points, lifetime client value, FAO's, FEO's, and all kinds of other critical business terms that I had never even heard of before. By the end of the first day, my head was definitely spinning. During my business coaching period, the Success Coaches challenged me like I had never been challenged before and helped me to realize how poorly I was  running my business. Looking back on that day, their tough love was exactly what I needed to hear to fix my business. I left that meeting with a renewed sense of direction and, most importantly, an action plan on how to get my business on track.

Since that first meeting, my approach to business and my business itself has gone through a total transformation. Not only have I been able to consistently pay my bills, but I have also grown my business to the point where I now have a small staff that helps me in the day to day operations. The weekly Accelerator check ins have kept me focused and helped me to launch several new programs and contests that should help my business grow even more in the future. I can easily say that none of my recent successes in my business and the resultant stability would have been possible without the excellent support provided by the Accelerator staff and fellow members. I would recommend this program to anyone who strives to build a better fitness business!

Alyassia RuizAlyassia Ruiz

“The Accelerator Coaching Program is perfect for anyone who owns a fitness business that wants to stand out…”

I transform women by awakening the healthier, sexier diva within. I provide small group and one-on-one training in a private fitness boutique with programs designed for the woman who wants to reclaim her inner "Sexy". My clients are generally new to health and fitness and/or stepping into the healthy lifestyle journey later in life.

I joined the Accelerator Coaching Program to gain an edge on my competition. I wanted to know how to deliver the best service to my clients and build a great business.

So far I have improved my processes dramatically, and come up with strategies that have significantly improved how my clients are feeling about the business.

The best part being a part of the program is that I am not alone in building my business I have the support of others who have seen and done what works.

I think the Accelerator Coaching Program is perfect for anyone who owns a fitness business that wants to stand out from the crowd.

Craig ShinkarikCraig Shinkarik

“I have been able to double my client base and revenue in just a few months!”

My name is Craig Shinkarik and I am the owner of Forever Fit SCV in Santa Clarita California.  I am a stay at home dad, as well as a Fitness Business owner focusing on fat loss programs for busy professionals.  I joined the Accelerator group after attending the Elite Training Workshop in Napa, California.  I came away from the ETW extremely inspired and ready to take my business to the next level.  I knew that I would not be able to do it on my own and the Accelerator group seemed to be just what I needed to get the support and accountability I was looking for.

The Accelerator Group helps me to stay inspired and connected with other like-minded fitness professionals.  The unlimited access to other business owners and coaches is awesome and allows me to get new ideas from others and feedback on things that I am doing within my own business.  Also, getting to see the progress that others are making drives me to keep progressing my own business.  The coaching calls have helped me fine tune my programs and marketing and I have been able to double my client base and revenue in just a few months!

One awesome perk of the Accelerator group is the access to the products and videos available on the Accelerator website.  Some of the videos alone have been worth the investment alone and have helped me organize offerings more efficiently.  I have learned things that I would have never thought of on my own and my clients are much happier as a result!  Being a stay at home dad, I need to be as efficient as possible when it comes to marketing my programs and coming up with new offerings and the round the clock access to the material on the website helps me with that.

I think that any and every fitness business owner would benefit from being a part of the group.  Our clients need us as coaches to help achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, and we as business owners need coaches as well!


“Our monthly numbers jumped by $25% the first and second month after joining accelerator…”

Our business is Functional Integrated Training and I am Jared Markiewicz, owner and head coach. We specialize in training athletes, focused primarily on youth ages 6-13, high school, and adult athletes. Our objective is for each athlete to live, look, and perform at their highest level possible.

I joined the Accelerator Coaching Program in October of 2012 with the goal of growing our gym from a 1-person operation to a business. By that I mean a facility that is not only successful but runs the way I would run it when I am away for seminars, meetings, conventions, or just on vacation.

Since joining, I have a full time assistant coach who has been groomed to run the gym at a very high level when I am away. I have the peace of mind that everything is running smoothly when I know he is there. We also have a part-time Administrative Assistant that has helped us stay on top of back office paperwork and improved our client experience. None of this would have been possible without the coaching that came from the Accelerator Coaching Program.

Obviously as client experience improves so does revenue and new clientele. Our monthly numbers jumped by $25% the first and second month after joining accelerator and we are on pace this month to have our best month yet, despite it being the middle of summer!

Great coaches and like-minded fitness business owners make the accelerator such an obvious decision. When you are able to bounce ideas off of other owners who may be in similar situations as yourself or have already experienced your issue, things simply. You can make decisions that are based off of successes others have had and more importantly, avoid mistakes others have made.

Any fitness business owner or gym manager looking to bring their business to the next level needs to be in an Accelerator group like this!

Jeff Blair for BlogJeff Blair

“I highly recommend the Accelerator Coaching Program to any great trainer who needs business help.”

I perform semi-private personal training in my Los Angeles fitness studio.  Although I have been in the personal training business for about a decade, I just opened my first studio just over 2 years ago.

When I joined Accelerator, I was the only trainer in my 300 square foot studio that had been open about nine months.  I had no partner or investor, little equipment and very little money to grow my business.  I was averaging about 5,000 month in revenue which was not too bad.

But I was not sure what the next steps would be to grow and felt like I was stagnating a bit.  I wanted to grow my business and did not want to waste time making the same mistakes I had made in the past.

Today, I have gone through 2 expansions and have 3 other trainers working for me. I have a 2,700 sq. ft studio.  I will bring in over 25,000 in revenue this month-19 months after joining Accelerator.  We are dominating our area and probably outperforming our competition 5x over when you calculate revenue per square footage, have many "raving fans" and are growing rapidly.  My goal is to hit 50,000 per month by our third year anniversary.

Accelerator has been a huge part of my success. I always bring questions to the meetings and leave with actions I can take to resolve the questions.

Accelerator has walked me through how and when to expand (twice), how to bring on employees and how to turn my studio into a real business. The live meetings and coaching from those who have operated fitness businesses is invaluable.  The meetings also remove the feelings of isolation we can experience thinking we are out there all alone.  It is great to see other fitness professionals going through the same challenges and overcoming them.

I highly recommend the Accelerator Coaching Program to any great trainer who needs business help.  The only limit is how hard you want to work.

marshall_profileMarshall Ray

“Since Working with the Accelerator Coaching Program I’ve gone from a revenue of $10,000 to $30,000 per month and I’m confident they will help me take my business as far as I want it to go.”

When I started my business I thought that giving people a great training experience and results would be all that I needed to have a thriving training business. I learned pretty quickly that was only a fraction of what's required. I started studying the Fit Business Insider programs in my planning stages, which helped give me the courage to make the leap to opening my own studio, but I knew I needed more. So I joined Accelerator Coaching Program, which provided a team of Success Coaches that has had a profound impact on our business. Since working with the Accelerator Coaching Program I've gone from a revenue of $10,000 to $30,000 per month and I'm confident they will help me take my business as far as I want to go.

Having unlimited access to learn from the coaches and other business owners at every critical step of success and failure your business is invaluable. Trust me, this will be the best investment you will ever make in your training business.

Isabelle “IzHS_Izzy-52zy” Libman

“…At the end of the year, raising my gross revenues 50% from 2013 to 2014 (as the only coach)…The most important aspect of the Accelerator Coaching Program for me, though, is that every coach sees me as a person first and business owner second. The Fitness Consulting Group has become family…”

When I made my career change into personal training 5 years ago, I started following the Fitness Consulting Group’s work. I attended an Elite Training Workshop in Napa in 2011 and the information I was able to gain there — both in terms of what I could bring back to my clients AND what I could apply to my business — was tremendous and easily implemented. Fast forward to 2013 in a new city where I had to start by business from scratch, I decided to attend FCG’s annual summit in Louisville where I was warmly greeted — by name — by Nick Berry. It was there that I decided to take the leap and join the Accelerator Coaching Program.

I started IzzyFit organically. I was so excited to be my own boss and make the rules and have passion for my career while also allowing me to have a life with family and friends. The company was built on a personal training structure I was familiar and comfortable with: 1-on-1 coaching. While I was slowly building up my client base it became very clear that, unless I raised my rates dramatically — effectively pricing myself out of my market completely — there would be a limit to how much I could make which would render my work/life structure incredibly imbalanced and unhealthy.

The first Accelerator Coaching Live Coaching Day I attended was in January of 2014. It was then that everything changed. There, in our meeting room, after digging into what was important to me and what my coaching philosophy was, I decided to move to 2-on-1 coaching. Low an behold, with the coaches’ guidance, I was suddenly pulling some 5-figure months and reached my financial goals at the end of the year, raising my gross revenue by 50% from 2013 to 2014.

Numbers aside, I am learning how IzzyFit can operate smoothly and consistently while staying true to its core values and purpose. I talk to my coach every week to make sure I stay on track and troubleshoot when things don’t as planned.

The most important aspect of the Accelerator Coaching Program for me, though, is that every coach sees me as a person first and a business owner second. The Fitness Consulting Group has become family I look forward to seeing who treat me and my company with respect, tough love and compassion.

They will give you the tools and if you put them to work, fantastic things will happen.

The Satisfaction Guarantee

We know the formula for success. You need to have an operating system in your business, we use the Fitness Business Alignment System, you need a group of peers to push you and challenge you and you need a coach to help you prioritize and keep you accountable.

If you follow the plan and put this formula to work for you success will follow. 

You’ll be learning a lot more about what success means to you as you go through our coaching program but there’s one thing that we can promise you…

...you’ll see business growth.

We’re so confident that you’ll see growth we’re offering you a no risk, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee...

We guarantee to get results for your business! If during your first 30 days in any FR Coaching Program you aren’t satisfied or seeing the results you don’t pay.

Simply let us know via email that you aren’t happy and we’ll EITHER:


  • Coach you FREE for another 30 days free to fix the problem
  • Refund all fees paid and terminate your agreement


Our program isn't’ a “silver bullet solution” that some are looking for in a coaching program. It requires effort on your part as well. If you are willing to do the work we are confident you’ll see results.

This IS the next step to developing a high performing business and getting to the ‘next level’.

Business success takes time and over this first 90 days you’ll have ample opportunity to start implementing our tools and our Success Coaches will get to know you and your business well enough to ensure you’re on the fast track to a success.

If you're willing to commit to being a leader in your business and stepping into the role of a business owner that controls their business instead of it controlling this program is for you.

But, if you're looking for a 'quick fix' or 'silver bullet' solution for your business without putting in the work it takes to be successful you should pass on this program... it's just not for you!

"How do I start and what's it cost?"

To get started in the program click the button below to complete your application and schedule a free 60-minute Discovery call to see if we are good fit to help with your business.

Once your application has been received and you've completed your call we'll work together to make sure we can help you grow.

But, BEFORE we get on a call you need to be able to commit to the following:

  1. You can afford the $199/mo fee for coaching
  2. You are willing to try a new way of doing things in your business.

If you're okay with both of those terms then go ahead and apply to schedule your call.

On the call I'll get to know a bit more about your business, give you some ideas to improve and then we'll work together to figure out if we're a good fit to work together.

Apply Today

Ryan Ketchum

Executive Director, Fitness Revolution


1. What is the minimum monthly commitment?

The Accelerator Coaching Program is a month to month commitment.

Your membership will automatically renew each month unless you provide written (or email) notice of your request to cancel.  We ask for a 90 day notice so that we can continue to work with you and it keeps you from making rash decisions.

2. Why do I have to apply?

We don’t accept everyone into this program!

There’s a certain type of business owner we know is a good fit for our program and we want to make sure you are investing in something that aligns with your overall goals.

Once we’ve established your business and you are a good fit the sign up process is really easy.

If for some reason you aren’t able to join the Accelerator Coaching Program I'll help you with other options.

3. Do I get any other resources as a part of this program?

As a part of this program you'll get access to tons of tools, resources, and educational modules to help make implementing what the coaching easy.  Some of those include our mastery curriculum, cheat sheets, checklists, scripts, systems and more!

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